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So is anyone else's NaNo novel impossibly derivative and borderline plagiaristic?

See, my problem is that I'm forcing the plot. So I sit there in class trying to think of what's happening, and why, and when, and to whom, and my subconscious is like, "Grr, yo. This be hard. Here, take some other people's ideas!" And I'm all, "No, dawg." And it's all, "Ha HA." Because once I come up with something, it's stuck in my stupid head and very little short of an act of God can dislodge it.

All of which is why I have a novel that has a catalyst/"sin" like The Magician's Nephew, an overhanging danger like the last season of Angel, a relationship between the heroine and her best friend that is one part Nita and Kit from Young Wizards, one part Lyra and Will from His Dark Materials, and one part Lyra and Roger from His Dark Materials, and a character named Luke.

This is alarming. Have I not an original thought in my head? Does this happen to anyone else, in NaNo or otherwise? I beseech thee!
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