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Title: The Willow Tree
Author: Sparks Donnen (ffnet Sparksdanewsie)
Chapter: 1 of 1 - Ficlet
Fandom: Newsies
Archived: fanfiction.net/~sparksdanewsie
Pairings: Sparks/Blink
Rating: G
Date started: 11/12/2004
Date completed: 11/12/2004
Status: Complete
Newsies featured/mentioned: Blink (mentions of Race and Mush, very brief)
OCs featured/mentioned: Sparks
Synopsis: When Sparks and Blink get locked out, they have to find some other shelter from the night showers.
Beta Reader: None
Author’s Notes: ABSOLUTE FLUFF!!! I don't even write fluff, AND THIS IS FLUFF!!! This story was inspired by this picture that Sage gave me. *swoons* So cute*

Cross-posted to forgodestiny, wordmage_sparks, newsies, newsies_nano, thenjlnlj, and newsiesmut(even though it's not but it's my group and damnit, I'm posting it)

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