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I feel the need. The spam.

So I know what the theme for my novel is. Not the literary theme, sillies! The musical one that you hear constantly throughout the film that will certainly be made, with minor variations depending on the scene, always at emotional points, always ALWAYS in the previews, and on the menu screen of the special edition DVD. I am so productive.


Anyway, it's the bastard love child of "Hedwig's Theme," "Close Your Eyes (Buffy/Angel Love Theme)," and "Once Upon a December." I suppose my muse has figured that if I'm going to be derivative, I may as well be INSANELY derivative. I've been humming all three and feeling delicious creepy and foreboding all morning. (Isn't it sad that my idea of "creepy" is a song about a little boy's owl?)

But I've also come up with an unnamed Mary Sue, random unnamed minor villains, and a vague idea of how the story gets going. Very vague. I still don't know my protagonist, like, at ALL, which is a problem. Anyone know what a twelve-year-old girl who hasn't noticed boys yet wants? Anyone? Bueller?

/whiny spam
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