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Okay, I know like ... 2 people on this list but I had to join.

As soon as I saw the words "Newsies" and "Nano" in the same name ... yeah ...
I'm not actually gonna be doing a Newsies fic/novel for the month. I have something a bit more concrete that I've been stewing on the backburner for some time now.

Actually, I have a pair of novella works or possibly novels ...
The working title on the series is Dragon Rising and the original idea leans towards a Reign of Fire/DragonRiders of Pern feel. But I pretty much can work away from that within the first chapter or two. (I hope)

I'll be attempting to put all of "Brother Bring Me Home" (Part 1) down and finalized for NaNoWriMo2004.
Maybe I'll do "River Wylde" (Part 2) for 2005. Lol

Anyway ... HI! *waves*
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